Program SIGA

What is SIGA?

SIGA – Integrated Solutions for Agriculture and Livestock Management – was developed by the Technical Team of Ourofino aiming to sustainably address some essential cares in beef cattle breeding and to elaborate a preventive and strategic sanitary model to efficiently support the production system making this activity stronger and more lucrative.

Action Plan

When the property is registered, SIGA program is implanted. Then, the activities chronogram is created, and, according to it, bulletins and modules for skills training will be periodically send to them. Besides the trainings performed at each 60 days, the program also brings a 'Package of Services' including sanitary control protocols and property tracking spreadsheets.

Program Scopes

  • Add value through knowledge.
  • Promote employees' qualification.
  • Offer solutions and results.
  • Increase the profitability of the production system.

Vantagens do SIGA

  • Customized technical visits.
  • Identification of needs.
  • Sanitary programs implantation.
  • Employees' training.
  • Technical service and support of trained professionals.
  • Partnerships in agriculture and livestock events and fairs.
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